This year we are pleased to announce that Together 6.0 goes more international.
In 2019 Giovanni Battista Rea  was an invited participant of the Together 5.0 international symposium at Budaörs. This led to a successful collaboration leading to the idea of holding Together 6.0 in Capena by Rome, Italy. The symposium will be held 2020 April. The main project will be to create an outdoor sculpture as community art project at Rosina Wachtmeister's Garden 

It will be constructed as a concrete base covered with ceramics relief and ceramics and glass mosaic. Participants are invited international artists  and the community of Capena.

Rosina Wachtmeister's Garden


Rosina Wachtmeister


Giovanni Battista Rea 

Kinga Ráthonyi (Hungary)

Neil Wolstenholme (UK)

Riccardo Paolucci (IT)

Teresa Collette Frisch (USA)

Rosana Antonelli (IT)


Gergő Szula (Hungary)

Edit Kondor (Hungary)

Kinga Várbíró  (Hungary)

 Szilvia Hàber (Hungary)

Vivien Leitert (Hungary)

Katalin Revák (Hungary)