TOGETHER 5.0 International Ceramic Symposium

2019 marked our 5th Together symposium at Budaörs. Together porcelain symposium was initiated to bring together selected professional artists and students to Köztér18 Communal Creation Space in Budaörs, Hungary.
Throughout TOGETHER 5.0 contemporary ceramists, art university students and a few students of our technical school worked together for a week at KözTér18 Communal Creation Space. Our main theme was underglaze cobalt painting on porcelain – one of the oldest techniques used in the creation of porcelain work.

We were again delighted with the support of the Korean Cultural Centre, Budapest,  (Korea being the cradle of porcelain art). The calligraphy master Moon Changseok and traditional Korean painter Kim Dason ran fantastic workshops for our participants and also took part in porcelain painting.

Our symposium exhibition opens on September 26th 5pm 2019  at our Garage Project Space.

Members of KözTér18 Communal Creationspace are: Kinga Ráthonyi DLA, Neil Wolstenholme, Bence Boleman, ceramists, our work is supported by László Márhoffer model maker.

Calligraphy - Together 5.0 with master Moon Changseok

Korean painting - Together 5.0 with Kim Dason

Morning 'Topjoy' meetings - Together 5.0

Mosaic - Together 5.0

Open Day - Together 5.0

Artist Presentations - Together 5.0

Working - Together 5.0

Green ware work - Together 5.0

Invited participants

 Simon Ward (United Kingdom)


 Keiko Mukaide  (Japan)

Giovanni Battista Rea (Italy) 

Kim Dasom (South Korea) 

Edit Kondor (Hungary)

Kinga Várbíró  (Hungary)

 Szilvia Hàber (Hungary)

Flóra Dóró (Hungary)
Vivien Leitert (Hungary)
Katalin Revák (Hungary)
Gergő Szula (Hungary)
Lili Tóth (Hungary)
Ábel Lakatos (Hungary)