Bretzfeld – Budaörs Twin Town Partnership 25th Anniversary Plaque, 2014

Swabians moved out of Budaörs after World War 2, finding homes in Bretzfeld where right up until today a close connection with Budaörs lives on. At a 25-year twin-town anniversary event entitled “We are Partners from 1989 to 2014”, Kinga Ráthonyi and Neil Wolstenholme prepared a special communal artwork with members of the two communities. In the town hall, workshops were organised with staff of the mayor’s office and Budaörs residents, while at the Budaörs Festival visitors from Bretzfeld and others from Budaörs together built half a tree each, the two halves symbolising the community. Both the locals and the Bretzfeld visitors decorated it with porcelain reliefs using their own imagination: with leaves, with flowers, birds, and the ground beneath the tree symbolising the two parts of the community with animals. Of special interest with the work is that two panel images were prepared, which in reality never paired up. From the two halves one side virtually balanced the mosaic and the porcelain reliefs, the one done by Budaörs people went to Bretzfeld as a gift of the Budaörs Council, while the work of the Bretzfeld people now decorates a corridor in the Budaörs Mayor’s Office. The two halves displayed in different locations but each next to a virtual representation of the two together.

Bretzfeld – Budaörs Twin Town Partnership 25th Anniversary Plaque, 2014, Facebook page