The Garage – project space

The project space has been converted out of the garage of the KözTér18. The title also refers to Kunst Haus Wien / Garage exhibition space, where in recent years the Hundertwasser Museum, set up a new project space in the building of a one time garage. This specialises in presenting the freshest contemporary ideas.
The goal of setting up THE GARAGE is to introduce the joint and individual works of KözTér18 creators’ community, besides giving the chance to contemporary visual artists to freely introduce their art. In the course of organising the space for symposiums and larger artistic-community creations it’s becoming a creative space.
Of special interest are open events when both entrances are thrown open allowing a private passage in the area between the street and KözTér18, symbolically tying together the Community Creator Space and the city space.

2019 Exhibitions

Exhibition Archive

Neil Wolstenholme presents: Exhibition I. a 4 part mini series.

Part 2: We have come so far!

8th November 2018,  18:00

Guest speaker: Eszter, Ágnes, Szabó, Artist

"From the original creativity in the Blombos caves to our 'high pop culture' I ask myself 'We've come so far!'"

'Neil Wolstenholme'


Part 1.: Show Me Fantasy!

Modern age comic prints and original art from the Wolstenholme family collection.
26th October 2018, 16:00