Mosaic Making 3 day course

Course Details

Learn how to make mosaic.
3 day International Freestyle mosaic making course
25th, 26th, 27th, April

This 3 day (15 hour) intensive course is run in English by Neil Wolstenholme. Participants will learn freestyle mosaic tecnique by making a transportable panel of mosaic (house number or wall plaque). Once learnt the tecnique can be applied for covering any static surface with mosaic. Help and advice will be availble for your home projects.

Course fee: 32,000 HUF all tools and materials supplied. (Mapei professional building materials used.)

Also during the 3 days, International glass artist Keiko Mukaide will be learning how to install a freestyle mosaic on an external wall of our building. Participants will be able to view the process of installing architectural mosaics straight on wall.
There are limited places, so sign up and enroll soon.

Course structure:

Day 1
Introduction to freestyle mosaic
Mosaic Design and Gestalt principles of perceptual organization
Base preparation
Mosaic cutting (standard glass mosaic)
Glue preparation
Glue and mosaic application

Day 2
Glue preparation
Glue and mosaic application

Day 3
Cleaning mosaic
Instruction on installing work at home and advice for future projects.

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